JIBA- Ahmedabad

"JIBA- Economic Upliftment Through Mercantile Brotherhood"

Winner of Star Jiba Award 2011


  • mohammad raza sajjad

    mohammad raza sajjad

    machinemarine.com Manager, b.E.mech.

    I Got length of line to propagate my business on the globe platform.

  • Noorani Mehdiraza

    Noorani Mehdiraza

    Impero IT Services

    I got introduced to many businessmen of our community and got good conversions for my IT Business. HATS OFF TO JIBA. Magnificent concept , perfect execution

  • mohammadreza bhojani

    mohammadreza bhojani

    Partner of Fivestar Incorporation

    I indeed recognise JIBA as a best international platform for our community business people to meet each other, exchange their views and projects, expand their business through it and finally unity and business growth of individual and community as well. Wishing the all JIBA members, the great success.

  • Mohsin Dosani

    Mohsin Dosani

    CMD of Black Diamond Tradelink Pvt. Ltd.

    Join JIBA, Get Global.

  • Mohmed Raza Jafri

    Mohmed Raza Jafri

    CMD Of AMO Tradelink Pvt Ltd






  • Masum Ali Khunt

    Masum Ali Khunt

    Ultimate steel

    one of the best Knowledge Sharing networking platform.

  • Safdar Panjwani

    Safdar Panjwani

    Chief Executive

    All our Community People Shouid Join JIBA with their Respective Chapter & Support the Programme organised By any Chapter. Definetly All will benefit in one or the other manner You dont Know When the persons Fortune Changes try your Luck & join JIBA Safdar Panjwani ALM SYSTEMS Mumbai

  • salman jiwani

    salman jiwani

    stationary - Communication field

    perfect platform for a new business , so don't think much just join JIBA and get new business Relationship .

  • Mohamad taki bhimani

    Mohamad taki bhimani

    m.b.a student in Marketing form

    JIBA do excellent business in future for sure it will grow up for new entrepreneur development.

  • Javed Abbas Naqvi

    Javed Abbas Naqvi

    Mechanical Engineer ESSAR GROUP

    Most awaited initiative ..... Such a Platform was the essensial need in present "GLOBAL VILLAGE" era.... actively participate & get benefited... KUDOS to JIBA...





  • mobinhusain f virani

    mobinhusain f virani

    business devloper in lokhandwala oil co.

    jiba-one of the best business networking plateform for grothe of business

  • Misam Abbas F virani

    Misam Abbas F virani

    Student Best platform for networking and business development

  • zeeshanali vakil

    zeeshanali vakil

    5 star medico

    its a spring board for young Entrepreneur, can help you grow from a to zee.. thank you team JIBA

  • Aliasgar S Dosani

    Aliasgar S Dosani

    International Commodities


  • Aakib



    "jIBA" a foundation for business development in our community.. good going jIBA!!!!!!

  • Firozali Datari

    Firozali Datari

    Pentapure foods

    Jiba is the way to know the people and great platform to indicate our business activity.

  • Murtuza Bhimani

    Murtuza Bhimani

    Gitanjali jewellery ltd/Head Cashier

    Get a globle personality by join JIBA and great plateform to devlope your business.

  • Abidali Suthar

    Abidali Suthar

    Salam JIBA function is such a grate and wonder full program me for all momineen who involved in business.we learn very much from this program. for that we thankful to Allah and organizer. specially for Mr. Ovesh Jafari

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Date: 05/05/2014

Jiba Delegation in World Federation Conference
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Job Opportunity Banking (Dena Bank)
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Welcome to Virtual World of JIBA Ahmedabad Business Association.

       JIBA is an International Association of businessmen & industrialists of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community formed in 1991, when a few of our brothers got together in London to discuss the idea of launching an economic forum for the community.

JIBA Ahmedabad Business Association

       JIBA Ahmedabad Business Association a proud chapter of JIBA International was formally announced on 25th February 2011 under the guidance of Mr. Mustafa Dhanji (Chairman of JIBA International), Mr. Masum Somji (Secretary General Of JIBA International) & Mr. Imtiaz Contractor(Chairman JIBA Dubai). . Two torchbearers were given the task of shaping up this part of the international organization. Mr. Mohmed Raza B.Jafri was designated as the Chairman & Mr. Mohsin R. Dosani as the Vice Chairman.

JIBA Ahmedabad Business Association is incorporated under Section 25 of The Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 Of 1956) & that the company is limited.
Corporate Identity Number: U91900GJ2012NPL071566.

JIBA International

        JIBA International was registered in England in May 1993 as a Private Limited Company. It is incorporated under the Companies Act 1985 as a Private Company & that the company is Limited. The name of the Company - The Chamber, as JIBA International Chamber of Commerce

Why Join JIBA Ahmedabad Business Association?

       JIBA Business Association has been able to provide a platform at both local & international levels whereby businessmen, industrialists & professionals within our community, network with each other which means that they get to know each other; get together; exchange views, ideas & information related to business, commerce, industry, profession & trade; pool their resources; & join hands with each other in marching forward in keeping with the objectives for which it has been formed. The pace has to be kept with the past developments taking place & this cannot be possible if each & every individual works in isolation. We can keep up pace with time if we forge unity & move forward in an organized way as otherwise we shall remain behind panting.

       It goes without saying that "United We Stand, Divided We Fall". The time has come for us to get together & meet challenges of the times.

19th JIBA International Conference & Trade Fair 2012

An exclusive 2 day Networking Interactive Conference with Trade Fair Where Multi Sectorial Business Exhibitors will showcase their products & services.

JIBA International in association with JIBA Ahmedabad cordially invites you to 19th JIBA International Conference & Trade Fair 2012 on 3rd & 4th of November 2012 (18th & 19th Dhul-Hajj 1433) between 9.00 a.m to 6.00 p.m at “Gujarat University Convention & Exhibition Center” Drive-In, 132 Feet Ring Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India.

The proposed conference will strive to develop strong business linkages amongst our Brothers/ Sisters & assist them to flourish in their present & future business ventures

The Conference: Lecturers & Consultants from across the globe will share their view points.

The B2B Meetings: Delegates will have the opportunity to meet with Producers, Exporters, Importers, Financiers, Entrepreneurs, Distributors, Franchisers, Bankers& Other service providers to discuss Potential Business Opportunities & Joint Ventures.

The Food & Beverages: Welcome Drinks, High Tea & Full Course Multi Cuisine Halal Lunches & Dinners will be served.

The Invites: Members from all the 14 JIBA Chapters will participate in the event.

Online Registration For the event can be done here.

Registration form and other important forms for the event can be downloaded from here.